Get It Up Shot Trainer

One of the BIGGEST PROBLEM areas in shooting a basketball is lifting the elbow HIGH enough to put the correct ARC on the shot. There are more shots missed because the ball is shot flat resulting in balls that hit the front of the rim. The Shooting Hoop is a great teaching tool in promoting your players shooting technique to LIFT THE BALL UP. Put your players in The HOOP and you will see instant improvement.

The Get It Up shot trainer is used by basketball players in high school, college, and the NBA to improve shooting technique and effectiveness. The Get It Up shot trainer is easy to assemble and adjust and can be taken anywhere.


  • Adjustable - Fits any size player 5'6" to 7'2"

  • The Hoop can be assembled and dismantled in approximately 3 minutes

  • The Hoop is light weight and easily transported

  • The Hoop can be used for practices, summer camps, and clinics

  • The Hoop is used by High Schools, Colleges, & Pros

For ordering information call Barry @ 801-209-0080

 Price: $139.99 (plus shipping) 

What Coaches Are Saying About The Hoop: 

"The shooting hoop will help any serious player become a better shooter. It's a must for anyone that wants to improve their range and shooting percentage."

- Morgan Wootten, Hall of Fame Coach, DeMatha HS. Record 1,274-192 in 46 years at DeMatha HS. Five National Championships, second winningest HS Coach in the USA.

Programs that have purchased the hoop include: Arizona, Connecticut, Boston College, Cal Berkley, Florida, Florida State, Hawaii, Kansas, Maryland,
Michigan, Memphis, Montana, Providence, Syracuse, Texas, Tennessee, UCLA, Utah, and Weber State. 

 Price: $139.99 (plus shipping)